Jan Lace & General Mills established in 1947, is one of Pakistan's oldest family owned businesses. Expanding throughout the years, we have become the leading manufacturers of Narrow Fabrics in Pakistan. We offer products in Cotton. Polyester and Blended Yarns. Our team of experienced professionals have developed thousands of designs over the years and continue to do so for our clients. 

Our trims are primarily used in apparel, but also widely procured by related industries such as accessories, home furnishings and textile, bags, belts and packaging. 

欧洲杯Our factory is located in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan. At our premises we boast an extensive fleet of both traditional and modern machinery. This includes Needle Looms, Crochet Knitting Machines, Computerized Schiffli Embroidery Machines, Computerized Woven Label Machines, Braiding Machines and Label Printing Machines. 

欧洲杯We have the honor and privilege to serve both the local and export markets. 

Our extensive list of products include:

1)      Laces (Cotton, Cluny/Torchon, Metallic)

2)      Woven Elastics (Jacquard, Plain), Crochet

3)      欧洲杯Labels (All sorts)

4)      欧洲杯Jacquard Woven Laces

5)      Twill Tapes (Cotton & Polyester)

6)      Braided Cords

7)      欧洲杯Twisted Cords

8)      欧洲杯Braided Flat Tape 

9)      Woven Cotton Belts

欧洲杯10) Shiffli Laces (Chemical Lace), commonly known as GPO lace is made using the latest computerized Swiss Machines

11)  Soft Shalwar Waistbands


We provide custom made products to our clients on request. Our excellent staff and designers work closely to provide on-time deliveries with competitive pricing. We invite you to have a look at our catalog and give us a chance to add value to your products with high quality laces and trims that we produce. 

To cater international requirements and standards, we provide azo-free dyed products to our clients. 

Call or email us today for our collection of fashion trims and accessories!